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Since our founding, our team of bright minded and creative thinkers has been helping brands find their unique values. We map out the specific needs of each client so they can easily connect with their target audience. Our business is helping you promote yours, and we are here to ensure your successful future.

We are combination of creative media professionals, technologists, strategists and producers who are passionate to reach our customers goals. Our hard work put us on the map, and our commitment creative innovation keeps us there.

Vittoria Global is the winner of the most important business excellence award in the world, THE BIZZ.


Vittoria Global has been selected for consistently exceeding the evaluation criteria noted in THE BIZZ Business Excellence such as Business Leadership, Quality of services, Management Systems, Innovation and Creativity, Corporate social responsibility, and the Results Achieved.

From Dubai, we are expanding soon to open our new branch in Los Angeles City.


rotana logo

Challenge: Rotana Café Abu Dhabi wanted to increase the footfall to the restaurant during breakfast and lunch hours. As well as establishing strong presence on social media platforms where they can communicate with their community on a regular basis.
Solution: After conducting market research…we created concepts and special offers, tied up with online food business directories, brainstormed mechanics for competitions to showcase the beauty of the venue during the day.
Results: In one month the place got drastic increase in footfalls during the breakfast & lunch hours.


MAISON DE JULIETTE: is a Provencal French restaurant based in La Mer
Challenge: Maison de Juliette needed a lot of support in developing the right social media marketing plan to reach their audience, as their previous agency was creating content and regular post but their plan wasn’t effective in creating more brand awareness, engagement and ROI.
Solution: We provided them with creative concepts and ideas to boost their exposure & engagement.As the venue is very nicely decorated for hosting events, we also supported them a lot in providing them point of contacts in major events organizing company’s and governmental organizations
Result: They hosted more than 7 events in one month.. which led to huge exposure on social media and in their ROI. We achieved more than 1000 comment on one post organically.

Zaytoni Logo

Challenge: Zaytoni is Lebanese, Armenian restaurant based in Dubai Mall & Jumeirah. When we started working with them the Jumeirah branch was still new and it needed a lot of brand awareness.
Solution: We created brand awareness campaigns through focusing on the amazing ambience, food, live music shows, venue and all the competitive advantage of Zaytoni to reach the mass audience in Dubai. By developing very engaging content strategy, the place attracted a lot of new regular clients.
Result: Brand Awareness was achieved and Zaytoni Jumeirah is now positioned as one of the best Lebanese-Armenian restaurants in Dubai. The restaurant is fully booked every night .With successful results the client decided to give us Arz Lebanon restaurant (Dubai & Egypt) to handle as well.

wwd logo

WWD: America’s fashion trade journal founded in 1910 with strong presence in Europe as well. WWD delivers information & intelligence on changing trends and breaking news in the men & women’s industry. WWD has exclusively partnered Vittoria Global to market their brand & publish it in UAE.
Challenges: The brand is very well know in the fashion industry but weak brand awareness in UAE market.
Solution: We developed a compelling marketing plan which we executed and effectively reached their goals. We collaborated with Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Rolex, Ahmed Siddiqi, Richmont Group, Saint Laurent, Botegga Veneta and many more to be present in our issue.
Result: Amazing feedback from the market and luxury fashion brands all excited to participate with us. Soon we will launch WWD UAE issue.

bahiya logo

Challenge: Al Bahiya Equestrian Club had bad experience with previous social media agencies.. The management wasn’t considering to start with a marketing agency, but we proposed to them a compelling plan & assured them increase in brand awareness and at least 15 new members from the first month.
Solution: We developed an effective content strategy to reach all the horse riding lovers in Abu Dhabi, created different campaigns to promote different packages. We came up with kids membership as we realized that there is more potential for kids to start practicing new hobby.
Result: In one month the management was surprised from the results, and 2nd and 3rd month the club became busier than ever before. The whole club was renovated & they hired new staff to cover the new members.

We have achieved great results for Zaytoni. The team is very creative and professional.We are planning to hand over our marketing plans and execution development to Vittoria Global for our other brands (Arz Lebanon, and Lifter Life )as well.

Mr. kamal Kail / Managing Director for AL Dabbous Group,

After working with Vittoria Global for Bas Manouche and achieving our ROI. We were very glad to work with them for Maison De Julliete as well. The team supported us on all aspects of each campaign..their creative ideas and expertise are a key value for our successful marketing strategies.

Mr. Jamal Chahine / Manging Director for Maison De Julliete & Bas Manouche,

Our management was amazed by the success we achieved within one month of working with Vittoria Global. We are vey glad to collaborate with them.

Mr. Adnan Salah / Marketing Manager for Al Bahiya Equestrian Club,


Since our founding, our team of bright minded and creative thinkers has been helping brands find their unique values.

We map out the specific needs of each client so they can easily connect with their target audience.