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We are combination of creative media professionals, technologists, strategists and producers, who are passionate to reach our customers goals.

Chief Marketing Officer,
Lima Faran

Lima has spent most of her adult life in the UAE in Media, as a Media director , Marketing director, consultant, project manager & business leader.

Her leadership style is marked with genuine desire to serve all stakeholders & deep thirst for knowledge.

Her particular brand of expertise & ambition is fueled with a vision to impact & improve both the business & social communities of the region.

With more than 10 years of Media & Marketing leadership experience that began as an active Marketing Major bachelor from the Lebanese American University, Beirut. This was followed by 7 years of successful experience at Gulf News Media, and major content creation and communication studies from New York Film Academy, Los Angeles.

Lima has received several appreciation certificates from happy business partners including UAE Armed forces.. Also she initiated, planned and executed Mohammad Bin Rashed business award report in partnership with Dubai Chamber.

Lima is also the official and exclusive partner to WWD, the American luxury fashion trade newspaper head quarted in Newyork, to publish and distribute WWD UAE issue.


Head of Content Strategy,
Zainul Baradol

Zainul is a creative magician. Delivering excellent work to clients means we need a team player who understands client needs and knows how to turn it into marketing gold.

Zainul previously worked with Gulf News Media for 6 years and created a huge impact on the content strategies for the leading brands in UAE.


Content Strategist,
Ayman Helal

Ayman brings to the table decades of experience from all over M.E. with more than 10 years experience and successful achievements..

We cannot stop loving his work.

Sawsan Badr

Arabic Copywriter

Sawsan can transform words to real..by the imagination and creativity that she can draw..

Sawsan has more than 15 years of experience in media content creation.She has worked previously with TVs in Lebanon like Al Jadeed TV and many more..

Digital Marketing Director,
Jaimy Lane

We trust Jaime Lane with all our digital needs, who proves that no technological feat is too big to tackle.

From digital campaigns to viral videos,you want this hardworking innovator in your corner.

Digital Marketing Manager,
Drew Carlyle

Drew Carlyle has been working with us since we first got started.

As one of our veteran employees.

Drew has made huge impact to the business and has already become a part of the family.

You won’t believe the results you’ll get when you work with this superstar.

Basel khayat

Art Director,
Basel Khayat

Basel is responsible for the overall visual aspects of our advertising & media campaign.

He is always keen to satisfy our clients by transforming concepts and executing layout designs.

He has worked on very successful projects all over the Middle East for more than 8 years.


Senior Graphic Designer,
Nizar Zghayer

Nizar is always satisfying our clients needs in creating the best artworks that usually keep us astound…

Graphic Designer,
Corine Bsat

Corine’s work usually speak for itself..we are always glad by her sense of creativity.


Wael K.

Wael bring to the table many years of experience of film and video making..from Tv background to digital projects Wael always make sure we are impressed by his work.


Mostapha W.

Mostapha is always ready to capture the best shots from his supertalented lens.

Alina Cameron300x350

Account Executive
Alina Cameron

“Alina is always ready to manage each project effectively & efficiently.. from China to Dubai, Alina bring tremendous value to our partners.

Web Developer,
Steve T.

Simply a superstar who can turn an idea into reality..!

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